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Customers have been buying ink cartridges from us for over 20 years

When you buy ink cartridges, you want to know that your supplier is reputable and has built their business on solid foundations, so they won’t go away overnight. With over 20 years experience keeping people printing by selling ink cartridges to a range of customers in Australia, you can feel confident that Ink House Direct are always just a phone call away, as you need.

We know that it’s common for people to buy their ink cartridges and toner cartridges at the last minute. With a large range of ink cartridges for known brands of printers available and speedy delivery of ink cartridges in Melbourne and across Australia, we’ve got you covered.

In order to ensure you’re never short of ink cartridges, we recommend you purchase two with your first purchase. Then, when you replace your existing one with the spare, you know it’s time to re-order.  It’s a great system that is easy for all to follow. Place a note on your last ink cartridge that says ‘re-order now’ to ensure you’ve always got a spare on hand.

Buying ink cartridges online with ease

Searching for ‘Ink Cartridges near me’? As we sell ink cartridges Australia-wide, many of our customers buy ink cartridges online. With a distribution centre in every state of Australia, your delivery will be prompt.  Couple this with superior customer service from a dedicated team and you’ll have the products and support you need.

Quality ink cartridges melbourne from industry leaders

As specialty ink and cartridge suppliers Australia, we stock major ink cartridge brands to cater for popular printers and we proudly service both wholesale and retail.

Using a quality, known brand of ink Cartridge for your printer will mean less problems and better quality printing. We want to promote the longevity of your printer and this is better achieved when you use quality printing products that Ink House Direct provides.

With so many years experience in the industry, you know you will be provided with printing advice you can trust. Give us a call today, we promise you’ll be happy you spoke with us.